Father killed baby daughter in fit of temper

A FATHER has been jailed for eight years this week for admitting killing his baby daughter when losing his temper after playing a video game on his Playstation.

Mark Sandland, 28, shook five-week-old Aimee-Rose after playing Assassin’s Creed 3 at his flat in Church Road, St Leonards.

He claimed he had suffered an epileptic fit and came round to find his daughter underneath him.

Justice Sweeney, sitting at Hoeve Crown Court on Wednesday where Sandland was sentenced, said that the diagnosis given to Sandland of Functional Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (FNEAD), attacks with a psychological rather than neurological (physical) basis “played no part” in the fatal events that led to Aimee Rose’s death “rather your inability to cope with and process stress” was the cause.

The court has earlier heard that police who attended the flat after Aimee-Rose was rushed to hospital on November 5 2012 and found a PlayStation game controller on the sofa opposite the TV. Prosecutor Sally Howes QC said: “It’s the Crown’s case that, frustrated by the distraction of Aimee-Rose screaming, the defendant picked her up and gripped her around her torso and shook her in a sudden loss of temper and loss of control. Despite his admission that the television was on that morning, by the time the ambulance crew arrived it had been switched off, thus covering up the fact he had been playing the game on his PlayStation.”

Analysis of Sandland’s mobile phone internet history showed a website offering tips on how to play Assassin’s Creed 3 was accessed at 2.22pm, Miss Howes said. Assassin’s Creed 3 is a 2012 action-adventure video game.

On that day, Aimee-Rose’s mother was attending her first class for an applied social science degree course.

During a break at around lunch-time, she sent Sandland a text message asking after Aimee-Rose, to which he replied: “She hasn’t shut up since about half an hour after you left.”