Fairer tax call for bingo games

Luke Dean and Roseanne Elliott
Luke Dean and Roseanne Elliott

A BINGO club in Hastings is urging folk to help them do a number 32 on number 10.

Coastal Amusements Bingo, based at The Deluxe in Pelham Place, is staging free games this weekend as part of the Boost Bingo Campaign.

The Bingo Association wants Prime Minister David Cameron to lower the current 20 per cent tax rate on the game.

Under current law, most other gambling activities only carry a 15 per cent levy. So a number 32 to Turn on the Screw at Cameron’s Den at Number 10 is on the cards. Cash prizes will be available and the local venue joins more than 400 others taking part across the country.

The Boost Bingo campaign, led by The Bingo Association, hopes to get more people taking part and pressure the Government to bring tax on bingo in line with other popular leisure pursuits.

Boost Bingo wants to see the Government lower the tax burden, which it says is preventing investment, modernisation and job creation.

Harry Symonds, director of Coastal Amusements, said: “The unfair tax burden is putting financial pressures on clubs like mine, and preventing new investment, new jobs and new clubs.

“I’m urging customers to go to their bingo club this weekend.”