Eyesore house sent to auction by council

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AN EYESORE house which has been empty for five years has been bought up by the borough council to send to auction

The authority used special powers to take over the ramshackle three bedroom house in Harold Road before sending it to auction next month.

The property was effectively abandoned by the executors, despite the efforts of the council’s empty homes officer offering assistance and advice for bringing it back into use.

Frequent complaints were made to the council both in regard to the condition of the property and its impact on the local community.

The adjoining neighbours were unable to fully enjoy their own homes due to fear of crime associated with empty homes, which can be a target for burglars, squatters, arson, anti-social behaviour and fly tipping.

The exterior was in such poor condition that it also attracted the attention of the council’s Grotbuster team for action.

It will go to auction by Clive Emsons Auctioneers on 13 June, when the council will impose conditions of sale relating to timescales for bringing it back into use and for renovation work to be carried out.

Proceeds from the auction sale of the house will go back to the executors.

The council has identified that there is a clear need for this kind of property for affordable housing so it is anticipated that there will be a great deal of interest in the property at auction.