Extra £1.5 million for disadvantaged kids in Hastings and Rye

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SCHOOLS across Hastings and Rye are to be given more than £1.5 million in extra funding this year, to support their most disadvantaged pupils.

On Wednesday the Government announced £488 will be paid to schools for each pupil eligible for free school meals.

The Coalition’s ‘pupil premium’ is intended for educational needs of the most disadvantaged children.

MP for Hastings and Rye Amber Rudd described the pupil premium as ‘hugely important’.

She said: “This is a very welcome part of Government attempts to support the poorest in our communities.

“The principle of the pupil premium is that the money goes directly to the schools, and we are confident that the schools will use the money in the right way.”

Nick Perry, Liberal Democrat campaigner, said: “I hope that this pupil premium money for Hastings and Rye children will encourage teachers, parents and students that the needs of the most disadvantaged will continue to be prioritised and promoted within Government.”

The same amount of £488 is also to be given to local authorities for each child in care, with a premium also to be paid for children whose parents are currently in the Armed Forces.

This has been set at £200 per eligible pupil.