Explore art, science and culture of dreams

JOIN a guided adventure into the dream worlds of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt at an evening event at The Beacon arts centre.

This will be an evening exploring the nocturnal culture and altered states attained by the people of these civilizations, including the gods that presided over the dreamworld, the traditional dream incubation practices and some of the interpretations as can be found in the world earliest written record of dream interpretation, The Dream Book.

Organised by Luciana Haill and Sarah Janes of Morphology, the event will take place on October 30, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm, at The Beacon, in St Mary’s Terrace.

Participants should bring whatever they will need to sleep comfortably, as there will be a guided meditation, and they may sleep for up to an hour. Warm clothes, pillow, sleeping bag and yoga mat are advised.

No alcohol will be sold at the event but guests are invited to try some memory supplements and brain energizing health snacks. An Egyptian stew will also be available to buy. Tickets are £10, and advance booking is essential. Visit www.etickets.to/buy/?e=10871.