Exhibition will highlight the pier’s unsung heroes

John Speakman, steel erector
John Speakman, steel erector

A photographer will be unveiling his selection of pictures later this month celebrating those working to restore Hastings Pier.

John Cole’s

He said: “This is a work in progress. I began it in May 2014 and will continue photographing the workers until it is completed. So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph a huge variety of workers: carpenters, steel erectors, engineers, project managers, barge workers, crane operators, contracts managers, coppersmiths, and apprentice workers, to name but a few, all heroes in my book for the work they’re doing. What is especially satisfying about the work is the very positive attitude of everyone I’ve photographed working on the pier. There seems to be a genuine enthusiasm for restoring it, and the glow it will bring. How could one not feel good working outside in the fresh air above the waters of the Channel?”

David Spooner, project manager, said: “Restoring Hastings Pier is a huge challenge, demanding many different skills. The key to its success will be everyone’s commitment to giving their very best in order to produce a structure that we will all be proud to have been involved with.”

The Pier Hub is in the entrance to the Old White Rock Baths just east of the pier.