Ex-soldier’s epic coastal challenge

Christian Nock
Christian Nock

EX-SOLDIER Christian Nock is part of the way through a challenge of a lifetime - a 6,825-mile trek around the UK coastline, to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Christian, 39, who spent eight years in the army’s Staffordshire Regiment, arrived in Hastings on Tuesday (March 12), day 217 of his trip, which began in Blackpool in August.

He sold all his possessions apart from his army kit, before setting off from Blackpool, and does not expect to be back home before the end of 2014.

A big part of the challenge is the fact that Christian is sleeping rough all the way to raise awareness of the fact that many ex-servicemen end up homeless after they leave the armed forces.

He spent Tuesday night in the doorway of one of the seafront amusement arcades.

He is overwhelmed by the interest in his trip, and the total raised has already topped £27,000.

He has had a deluge of offers of help from generous people all over Britain.

He said this included Hastings.

“One of the guys who has been following me on Facebook, picked me up this morning, took me back to his house, and his wife made me a bacon sandwich.”

He added: “This walk has turned my life around already and has restored my faith in humanity.

“I’ve met some amazing people along the way, though it can also be quite lonely at times. I’m planning to write a book about the experience once I finish.”

Christian has kept walking through nine pairs of boots, illness and injury including a torn ligament in his foot.

He is taking no shortcuts by ferries to cross river estuaries, but keeping doggedly to land throughout.

He is keeping a diary of his trip and regularly updating his Facebook page with his latest location and photographs from along the way.

For updates or for details of how to make a donation, visit www.facebook.com/christian.britain.3, www.facebook.com/ChristianAroundBritainSupportPage or www.bmycharity.com/ChristianNock.