Ex-Royal Navy’s account of days at sea following war

Michael Rose in his seafaring days
Michael Rose in his seafaring days
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A PENSIONER has written a book charting his seafaring days in the post-war years.

Michael Rose, 80, served in the Royal Navy from 1948 to 1957.

In A Dabtoe’s Story, he gives detail of life at sea which includes his time bombarding guerrilla positions in the Malaysian jungle at the request of the army and 18 months on active service in the Korean War, culminating in taking part in the 1956 invasion of Suez in Egypt.

Michael, of Milward Road, has dedicated his book to his late wife Brenda, three sons and seven grandchildren.

He said: “My father was in the Royal Navy and I was only 10 when he died and I knew nothing at all about him, apart from what my mum said and now it’s too late. I have got my sons and family and I didn’t want them in later years not to know where I went and what I did.”

“When I joined at the age of 16 the discipline was terrible, it was a really hard life until you got to 20 years old. Then you were treated as a man and lived far better. From the age of 20 it was really gorgeous and if I hadn’t met my wife I would have continued in it.”

The book is priced £8.99 and is available from Michael on 01424 715841.