Ex-gangster talks about his past life to students

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STUDENTS at William Parker Sports College were paid a visit by an ex-gangster and youth worker in two recent assemblies.

Sergio Argueta, who grew up in New York, spoke about his life experiences and gave personal accounts, about his part in gang life during his teens.

He was joined by youth worker John Fransham, from the group Breaking the Cycle, whose message is non-violent solutions to problems through forgiveness.

John has worked for many years with young people and is particularly dedicated to conflict resolution.

Students heard that by ‘breaking the cycle’ Sergio changed his life for the better. He also talked about bullying, peer pressure and ‘internet gangsters’.

John Court, headteacher, said: “Breaking the Cycle helps students to resolve their conflicts through forgiving, and offers speakers who tell personal stories about how they have dealt with conflict.

“There is a direct appeal which stresses self-respect and the unique value of each individual.

“Teamwork between educators and the law is the most beneficial way forward.

“This presentation was a resounding success and I look forward to the resolution of any conflicts at college.”