Ex-exotic dancer’s novel proves a hit

Emmy Yoshida
Emmy Yoshida

AN EXOTIC dancer who used to work for nightclub legend Peter Stringfellow has launched a book about her fascinating career.

Emmy Yoshida used to live in Hastings and her mother owns a bed and breakfast in the Old Town.

Her book, Corrupted has already sold 7,000 copies this year, reaching number 7 in the Kindle charts for thrillers.

The novel is inspired by Emmy’s experiences of working in gentlemen’s clubs. Her dancing career started when she was a student in London where she worked at Stringfellows to fund her degree. She also worked in Sydney where most of her novel is set, and used the money she earned to travel Australia.

She said: “It was an eye-opening experience for me and I knew it would make an interesting backdrop to a novel. It seems like it was a lifetime ago now and I felt compelled to write about what I saw.

“It was obscene the amount of money men spent in these places, the money was addictive and a lot of girls were well and truly corrupted by it all. Luckily I decided to get out of that lifestyle.”