Stephen Lloyd MP backs anti-badger cull petition

A PETITION against culling badgers to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis among cattle has been signed by Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd has added his name to the ‘stop the badger cull’ petition, joining almost 25,000 people in the UK.

The town’s MP is now asking others to join him.

The government is currently looking at whether to proceed with a cull and the consultation is due to close next month.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, “While there is still strong evidence that a badger cull may not succeed, I cannot countenance the potential culling of badgers and I would ask those who feel the same to show their opposition by adding their name to the petition.

“Were there to be a significant level of public opposition than the government would have to take this into account when deciding whether to proceed or not.”

Petition can be found at