Keep your eyes peeled on river wildlife in 1066

TWITCHERS and animal lovers are being asked to contribute to a new database which will eventually reveal the best places for spotting wildlife across 1066 Country.

The Our Rivers campaign wants Observer readers to keep their eyes peeled when visiting local rivers or water spots and then report any animals they see.

Jack Clarke, from the Our Rivers campaign, said: “Rivers are fantastic places to watch wildlife – from the lazy glide of a graceful swan and the blue flash of a diving kingfisher to the spectacle of leaping salmon and the summer emergence of dragonflies.

“Many of us have a river close to our homes where we love to walk, fish or simply sit and reflect and we’re hoping we can encourage this national army of river wildlife spotters to tell us what they have seen.

“We’re really looking forward to hearing which species people have seen in their area, but we are also asking what has changed and been lost. As well as encouraging people to enjoy their local river wildlife there is also a serious, and worrying, message behind this.

“We need to raise awareness of these issues and put pressure on the Government to do something about them.”

For information on how to log your sightings visit

TV chef and long-time supporter of the Observer’s Fairer Deal for Fisherman campaign has also backed the scheme.