English-Speaking Union 1066 (Hastings) Branch

At our Februrary meeting, Anne Bertoluzzie gave us an ‘oral’ tour of Venice with many pictures and photographs, especially of the wonderful glass made on the island of Murano.

Much of this is breathtaking in its intricate pattern and design.

In March, Penny Blanch talked on the Beachy Head Chaplaincy (BHC). The charity has three full-time staff and some 15 volunteers who operate a 24/7 all-weather patrol, usually in pairs and wearing a distinctive yellow ‘hi-viz uniform’, along the cliff, which is the second-most popular suicide spot in the world (the most popular is in Japan).

They learn to spot people who are likely to jump and they make a friendly approach. Often they can be persuaded to come to the Coastguard station for a chat, a cuppa and a cake (baked by a senior chaplain).

The BHC works closely with the Coastguard and the police. The police contact BHC who specifically look for the person involved.

The charity relies on donations for its funding and encourages donors to sign up for a regular gift.

An excellent lunch was provided by Fairlight Lodge Hotel.