English-Speaking Union 1066 (Hastings) Branch

BARONESS Stedman-Scott (Debbie), chief executive, Tomorrow’s People (TP) told us at our October meeting of the work her charity has been doing for the last 29 years to get (mainly young) people fit for, and into, jobs.

TP started in Hastings and now has operations in many other places, such as Scotland, Maidstone, London and Eastbourne. TP operates mainly by running courses for people seeking work, showing them how to present themselves; the emphasis is on self-esteem and motivation rather than coercion. Tutors (or mentors) on these courses are often people who have been helped by TP.

One group of lads on a course decided, as a project, to raise money for breast cancer research.

They laid a string of bras along the beach and invited people to put money in the cups. It was surprising how much they raised.

Important further parts of TP’s work involve contacts with local employers where TP often finds that there are vacancies but the quality of applicants has been so poor that the jobs are not filled.

It has a high success rate, placing people here. TP also may work with specific employers; currently it is involved with Grand Metropolitan who are increasingly recruiting through TP.

Other aspects of the work of TP are, for example, monitoring placements to make sure all is well with the police, helping prisoners on release, and

in schools and the Armed Forces. So successful is the operation of TP that major donations are being made to its work.

Our next meeting will be a tea party on November 7 where members are invited to bring a non-member guest. Details from M.Plumbe@BTInternet.com or 01424 713737.