English-Speaking Union 1066 (Hastings) branch

AT our last meeting Police Community Support Officer Lisa Lavender and colleague Anna Eason came to talk to the group about the role of a PCSO.

This is a varied role with duties including scene guards and traffic control along with general patrol. They have an integral role within the community by carrying out high visibility patrols with the aim of making people feel safer.

The many questions put by members indicated that there is much interest in this system of commmunity policing.

Peter the Chef at Beauport Park Golf Club was to give us lasagne. Because of the horsemeat scare, we had delicious home-made crusty steak pie instead.

At our next lunch meeting on March 15 (Cooden Beach Golf Club) our guest and speaker will be Dame Mary Richardson, E-SU Chairman. Details,

Michael Plumbe, 01424 713737 or email M.Plumbe@BTInternet.com. Early booking advised.