Electricity counters available in libraries

RESIDENTS in 1066 Country can now keep an eye on how much electricity they are using in their homes thanks to a county council scheme.

Following a successful pilot project, East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is putting high-tech electricity monitors in Hastings library which people can hire for a few weeks to keep tabs on their consumption of electricity.

It is hoped they will make people more aware of how much money they are spending on electricity and more mindful of the amount of energy they might be wasting at home.

The device works by clipping a sensor onto supply cables, usually near the electricity metre, and this sensor then transmits a reading to a portable monitor which people can carry around the house.

So far 800 residents have tried out the free technology and Cllr Matthew Lock, ESCC lead member for the environment, was delighted the scheme has now been rolled out across the county.

He said: “At a time when we’re all trying to save cash, saving energy makes sense.

“These portable meters are really easy to use and can show you your ‘energy devils’ – those gadgets that are using electricity on stand-by and appliances that are much more energy-hungry than you thought.”