Electricians move into Stade development

Work goes on at the Jerwood Gallery site
Work goes on at the Jerwood Gallery site

ENGINEERS have started work installing equipment to provide power to the Stade development.

They moved in at the end of last week to put in the new equipment inside an electricity substation.

The work by UK Power Networks is expected to take around two more weeks after which time power will be switched on to provide electricity for the whole development, which includes the new cafe, Stade Hall and the upcoming Jerwood Gallery.

It marks the closing stages of a long-standing row over land ownership.

Legal red tape has meant the electricity supply to the cafe and Stade Hall is currently running from two generators, costing taxpayers up to £20,000 a month.

The dispute centres around who owns a strip of land, around three square metres in size, where the empty electricity substation is based.

UK Power Networks until recently refused to put in any of its equipment until legal difficulties had been resolved.

A meeting was held last Wednesday (September 21) between the authority, lawyers for the electricity firm and representatives from Hastings Fishmarket Enterprise, leaseholders of the land, where an agreement was hammered out.

Kevin Boorman, marketing and communications head for Hastings Borough Council (HBC), said he hoped the legal issues will be resolved within the next week.