Election candidates’ transport debate

Prospective parliamentary candidates have been invited to attend an open meeting to discuss their party’s proposals on Sustainable Transport.

The Hastings Sustainable Transport Debate will be held at the White Rock Hotel on Thursday March 19 at 7.30pm.

The event is organised by Hastings Urban Bikes (HUB), Hastings Greenway Group & the local Ramblers associations. Attending the debate will be Sarah Owen (Labour), Nick Perry (Liberal Democrat) & Jake Bowers (Green). Amber Rudd (Conservative) was invited, but is unable to attend.

The prospective Parliamentary Candidates will be invited to outline their party’s proposals on Sustainable Transport, nationally and locally, including how to increase the proportion of journeys by bicycle, currently standing at 2 per cent nationally which compares unfavourably with countries like Germany, Holland and Denmark. A question and answer session will follow.

All are welcome. For further information and to ask questions in advance, visit HUB’s website at: http://www.hastingsurbanbikes.org/hastings-sustainable-transport-debate-at-the-white-rock-hotel-general-election-2015