Election candidates: Gensing ward

Muriel Matters House
Muriel Matters House

With the Hastings Borough Council elections set to take place on Thursday (May 3) we have invited each of the candidates to share a little bit of information about themselves.

Here are the candidates for Gensing ward in their own words.
Candidates appear in the order they appear on the polling card.

Craig Andrew (Con)

Having moved down to the South Coast from Yorkshire thirteen years ago, Craig has lived in the Gensing ward with his wife and children for over six years. He would like to see improvements to the standards of the local roads, an improvement to the playground facilities in the area and a movement towards cleaner streets, free of dog mess. He feels not enough is being done under the current Labour administration.

On a personal level, Craig enjoys playing football and charity cycling events. Craig has also worked in the voluntary sector for local organisations such as Horizons Community Learning, helping unemployed and disabled people in the local area to improve their skills and well being.

Catherine Burrows (Con)

Cath moved here almost 50 years ago and with her Husband ran a catering business in St Leonards and Hastings until 1986. Cath is unhappy about the Harold Place toilets being closed and think it is unreasonable for local businesses to be expected for people to use their facilities. Cath would also like to see more done to encourage tourists to visit the area.

Pamela Ann Croft (UKIP)

Ms Croft has not responded to a request to provide a profile at this time.

Will Davis (Green)

I have lived in St Leonards for 25 years, working as a carpenter, and have been encouraged by the positive changes that have occurred recently. I am concerned, however, by the lack of affordable housing and the cuts to welfare services. I have strong reservations about the proposed marina development at Rock a Nore, and feel that more consideration should be paid to the site of the old lido in West St Leonards. In Gensing, I would like to ensure that housing is not built at the expense of local public open spaces.

Colin Fitzgerald (Lab)

I’m privileged to be standing with Kim Forward as the Labour candidate for Gensing ward. Having been a councillor in Silverhill for four years I know how to ensure action is taken and residents’ concerns are addressed. In my day job I work for a national domestic violence charity running behaviour change programmes for men. In this role I’ve influenced national policy, including changes to the law and spoken for marginalised communities at government level. I know this invaluable experience will help me to ensure all residents in Gensing are well represented and listened to.

Kim Forward (Lab)

I have served as mayor of Hastings and am currently deputy leader of the council. I would like to continue to represent you, using my experience and contacts to work for the good of our area. I believe in a peaceful, fair, prosperous society where everyone is valued and has the best possible opportunities and where the vulnerable and those in need are properly cared for. If re-elected I will work with Colin and strive to achieve this for those in Gensing ward. As a long term resident I am committed to ensuring continued improvement for St Leonards and Hastings.

Lee Grant (Lib Dem)

Lee began his career as a mental health professional and worked as a cognitive behavioural therapist and a service manager for the NHS in primary and secondary care. He founded and is now clinical director for Efficacy providing independent cognitive behavioural therapy to individuals and groups. Lee is a lecturer practitioner at Kings College London and provides post-graduate training to mental health professionals.

Karen Simnett (Green)

I was born and grew up in Hastings. I’ve been a hairdresser for twenty years. I want to see our local community thrive through sustainable reinvestment in the way we buy our food and energy, how we deal with our waste and how we travel. I am a co-chair of Transition Town Hastings, exploring solutions to problems arising from climate change and environmental damage and working to build a healthy environment to leave to future generations. Transition Town Hastings is working with the Green Party on a water bottle refill scheme to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Sue Tait (Lib Dem)

Sue is an ex-nurse who has lived in St Leonards for 12 years. Sue now works with her husband David in their own business. She does volunteer work with disadvantaged teenagers. She is an active member of Markwick Gardens. Sue wants to work to get a more democratic and accessible Council. She wants, in particular, to see improvements in the planning process. Sue wants to see cleaner, safer pedestrian areas.