Elated owner reunited with beloved bird

AN ELATED pensioner has been reunited with her beloved pet parrot after an Observer reader saw her appeal in last week’s edition (March 21).

Mrs Carole Wight, of Elphinstone Road, was devastated when Mr Beaky, an African Meyer’s parrot, flew out of her home on March 13.

After he went missing, Carole contacted the Observer to ask if the paper could launch an appeal to find the parrot.

Carole Wight said: “There was a caller at the door and usually he’s fine but it was dark and I opened the door and he got panicked. He flew towards the kitchen but the door was shut so he went the other way and flew out of the front door. I was very upset and my neighbour came out console me. We tried calling for him but it was no good.”

The 20-old bird was found in Ore on March 17 and was taken to Copper’s Vets on The Ridge after a good Smarartian, mechanic Derek Burt, stopped Mr Beaky from being mauled by magpies.

The frightened bird then went up a tree and Derek’s apprentice, Chris Copper, saved the day by tempting Mr Beaky down with some food.

Chris said: “I offered him my breakfast bap and he hopped down. He went on my shoulder and I took him to the vet.”

Despite missing some feathers and being underweight, Mr Beaky was unhurt and practice manager Bridget Harding took the lucky bird home.

She said: “Someone had rescued him and was kind enough to bring him in. He was fine and didn’t need medical attention. But he was very, very tired. He slept quite a lot and he was very hungry.

Bridget then set about trying to locate Mr Beaky’s owner, ringing around other vets in the area and launching a Facebook page.

But it wasn’t until she saw the Observer that Bridget was able to reunite the beloved parrot with his 72-year-old owner.

Carole added: “He’s doing well. Although he’s lost quite a bit of weight, I think he’ll soon put that on again.”