Students celebrate top GCSE grades

Students at William Parker celebrate
Students at William Parker celebrate

STUDENTS across town literally jumped for joy this week after getting top GCSE results.

Many breathed a sigh of relief when they realised months of revision and hard work had paid off.

Here in 1066 Country there were scores of high-flying students achieving a string of A* and A grades.

William Parker Sports College saw outstanding results from George Eldridge, who got 16 top passes, which included a remarkable six A* grades and five As.

Otto Moutrie, 16, of George Street, achieved seven As and three A*s - but was very modest when he spoke to the Observer.

He said: “My predicted grades were supposed to be better, But I worked really hard and very pleased with what I’ve achieved.”

Otto will be doing A-levels at Parkwood 6th Form in chemistry, physics, maths, history and further maths from September.

Nicholas Harman, 16, from Elphinstone Road, was equally pleased with his success at William Parker.

He said: “I am delighted with all of my grades as when I was in year seven I wasn’t predicted to get A grades, so to actually get them is fantastic.”

Nicholas gained four As, two Bs and three C grades.

Fellow student Ashley Piper, of Hoads Wood Road, got five A*s and four A grades, as well as a B and C.

He said: “I’m very pleased, as I thought I wouldn’t do as well as I did.

“I put a lot of work into it and was studying for an AS-level in ICT, of which I achieved an A grade. So it all took quite a lot of effort.”

Shane Johnson, of Welton Rise, achieved one B, seven As and two A*s.

Brothers Jonathan and Michael Cloke scooped 20 A* and A grades, gaining 10 each while Kieron Holmes gained five A* and five A grades within his 15 passes.

At The Grove, Sullivan Evans got eight As, four Bs and one C. Bethany Reid achieved 12 A grades and two Bs.

Hugh Douglas-Deane got seven As, six Bs and one C grade.

Isra Husain, from Helenswood, achieved 11 A*s and one A. Other top achievers there included Katy Coates-Beal, Caitlin Robinson and Billie Kotting.

At Filsham Valley, Stuart Masterson got five A* grades, three As and two distinctions in BTEC business studies and BTEC PE.

Oliver Lozada achieved five A*s and three As, Alex Holmes got five A*s, one A and a distinction + in BTEC PE.

Victoria Jackson, also from Filsham Valley, achieved an A*, seven As, one distinction + in BTEC PE and a distinction in BTEC business studies.

Hillcrest saw its own high-flyers, with Liam Geering achieving 14 A and A* grades out of his 15 GCSE passes.

David Edmett got 16 GCSE passes at grades A* to C, of which eight were the top A and A* grades.

Chloe Turton got seven grades at A* and A out of 16 GCSE passes at A* to C.