Lower percentage of primary school pupils achieve key targets

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THE percentage of pupils reaching the expected level in English and maths at Key Stage Two, is down from last year at seven of the town’s primary schools.

Silverdale, Churchwood, Christ Church, Elphinstone, Sandown, All Saints, and Red Lake primary schools have all seen a decrease, with Elphinstone Primary School showing the largest drop. There, 55 per cent of pupils achieved level four or above in both English and maths this year, a 19 per cent slide from last year.

The results of the pupil tests taken at the end of primary school and released last week, show that nationally 74 per cent of state school pupils achieved the Government’s target of level four or above in both English and maths, up from 72 per cent in 2010.

In Hastings and St Leonards, 12 schools had a lower proportion of pupils achieving this level. The schools with a percentage below the national level are Hollington, Little Ridge, Silverdale, Robsack Wood, West St Leonards, Christ Church, St Leonards, Sandown, All Saints, Castledown, Elphinstone, and Red Lake. The worst performers are Hollington Primary School and Sandown Primary School, with only 46 per cent of pupils achieving level four in both English and maths.

At the other end of the scale is Sacred Heart, with 91 per cent of pupils achieving at least level four, up from 85 per cent last year. Other schools where Key Stage Two results had improved from 2010 were Castledown, with 73 per cent, and St Paul’s, with 76 per cent achieving level four in both English and maths. Penny Gaunt, deputy director of children’s services at East Sussex County Council, said: “We are concerned about the decline in some schools and we are working closely with a number of schools to support them in their work to secure the necessary improvements.