Ed Miliband comes to Hastings

‘The battle starts here’ says Ed Miliband after last night’s Labour election victory in Hastings.

LABOUR party leader Ed Miliband came to town today (Friday) following the party’s win in Hastings at the East Sussex County Council elections.

Seven of the eight wards are now held by Labour councillors. Mr Miliband congratulated the party’s new county councillors, Michael Wincott (Baird and Ore), John Hodges (St Helens and Silverhill), and Kim Forward (West St Leonards and Maze Hill).

He said: “The battle for Hastings starts here. I want to say congratulations for unprecedented results in Hastings for Labour. I recognise there is huge disenchantment with politics. Today is not just about me saying we have won in Hastings, but a conversation about how we change this country.”

Mr Miliband then fielded questions from members of the public on jobs, immigration, NHS cuts, national debt, bankers, corporation tax, unemployment, and local government cuts.

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