East Sussex Arts Club

On Saturday, March 14 in our third meeting of our 125th anniversary year, East Sussex Arts Club welcomed Josie Tipler to the group.

Josie is a freelance artist based in Wilmington. She started the workshop with a brief demonstration of how to sketch out a design for a stained glass window style waterfall.

She then demonstrated how this technique was achieved in both watercolour and acrylic. With a small black and white photograph of a waterfall as reference, members then with a lot of imagination created their own waterfalls in a huge variety of colours. Outlining the picture in black ink or leaving a white edge created the stained glass effect. The monthly competition was won by Janet Lutkin.

New members are always welcome. Please contact Janet Lutkin 01424 855275. Website www.eastsussexartsclub.org.

Annual art exhibition, May 2 to 10 at The Stade Hall, Hastings