East Sussex Arts Club

On Saturday, February 14 in our second meeting of our 125th anniversary year, East Sussex Arts Club welcomed Keith Collins to the group.

Keith is primarily a landscape watercolour artist based in Hastings. However for our demonstration he concentrated on drawing implements and techniques.

He gave a brief outline of drawing media available and techniques on how they could be used. He then gave several examples of perspective and explanations of vanishing points.

His demonstration then brought together all the theory in the drawing of an old barn. He showed us different types of shading depending on the hardness or softness of the pencils, how to manipulate erasers to create a fine edge so that bricks, broken plaster, wood and pebbles were all clearly illustrated. The monthly competition was won by Jan Emery.

New members are always welcome. Please contact Janet Lutkin 01424 855275. Website www.eastsussexartsclub.org.