East Sussex Arts Club

On Saturday in our first meeting of our 125th anniversary year, East Sussex Arts Club welcomed Paul Apps to the group.

Paul is a passionate wildlife artist who strives to capture the unique character of the subject and its interaction within its natural environment.

With a choice of pictures, members choose a sumaturian tiger cub to be painted in oils.

Paul works with a very limited palette of just three primary colours and two whites, which he feels gives the picture harmony. He is a great advocate of complimentary colours, and with this in mind he loosely paints the whole of the canvas, always thinking about which colour is put against another. He then gradually builds up the fur by painting individual hairs with a rigger brush.

While painting Paul kept us entertained with travel stories and a short lesson on colour theory.

Our next meeting will be on February 14 at 2pm at St Johns Church Hall, Brittany Road, St Leonards.

New members are always welcome please contact Janet Lutkin 01424 855275. Website www.eastsussexartsclub.org.