Dzien dobry, dobry, dobry! Meet Polish PCSO Amir

WHEN Amir Nasir arrived in St Leonards from Poland almost 10 years ago, he could never have imagined he would end up being a custodian of English law. The former hospital radiographer left Gdansk in 2004 to find a better life for him and his family.

He arrived in Bexhill in November of that year and has never looked back.

PCSO Amir Nasir

PCSO Amir Nasir

Amir started work at Peterhouse Care Home as a care assistant in Bexhill’s Old Town and his wife joined him the following year.

In 2008, the father-of-two applied to Sussex Police to become a PCSO and landed the job. He is now one of only four foreign PCSOs in the force.

With a Syrian father and a Russian mother, Amir can speak Arabic, Russian, Polish and English.

As the immigrant community grew here in recent years, he has been a very useful link to the Polish community in St Leonards.

He helps them understand English laws and gives advice on community issues and how to report crime.

There are more than 10,000 Polish immigrants in the Hastings area and the force values the input of PCSOs like Amir.

Sussex Police is seeking to recruit and train 30 new PCSOs in September.

And officers like Amir are crucial in encouraging applications from immigrant communities.

Amir said: “I wanted a change of life and England helped me achieve that.

“Now I am putting something back into the community and am really enjoying the challenge.

“I could’ve stayed in Gdansk but the opportunity to come to England was too good.

“I have enjoyed my time in the care home but now enjoy being a PCSO even more.

“I make good ties in the community especially the Polish immigrants. I can help them understand the law here and give them advice.

“I would encourage more immigrants to apply and get involved. They must be interested in the community and want to get involved.”

Chief inspector Paul Phelps, Hastings area commander, said: “Amir is vital in terms of reaching those who don’t speak English and don’t understand the law.

“He has strong ties with the immigrant business community such as the Turkish and Kurdish and can help them with any problems.

“Hastings historically had a deportation clearing centre and it is still an area where asylum seekers are dispersed to.

“We’re looking to recruit the best people especially those with European backgrounds.” To apply visit