Driver in lucky escape after hitting parked cars

A DRIVER had a lucky escape after her car hit two stationary vehicles and rolled over in the early hours of this morning (THURS).

The accident happened just before 2am in St Helens Road, the second in just over 24 hours.

A crash took place near the junction with Parkstone Road around 6pm on Tuesday but no one was thought to be seriously injured.

The woman was driving a Peugeot when she clipped the cars parked at the side of the road and rolled. She managed to get out and wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Last November a young man driving a Mercedes mounted a Ford Fiesta parked at the side of St Helens Road at 10pm and wrote it off.

The owner of the Fiesta had only moved to the street a few weeks earlier.

He said: “I take my life in my hands just trying to cross St Helens Road sometimes.

“It is very busy duruing the day and cars only seem to slow down when they reach the speed camera.

“And if it’s pointing the opposite direction they just carry on speeding. I would like to see more speed cameras facing both ways and a 20mph speed limit introduced on certain parts of the road.

“The Parkstone Road junction is horrendous for those trying to turn right up the hill. Sometimes you take your life in your own hands trying to get out of there.

“It is very windy down the bottom end and with cars parked on both sides all the way up and down it’s a recipe for disaster. There needs to be dedicated off road parking areas for residents to make it safer for everyone.”

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