Dreaming of a Beige Christmas

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Preview: Lenny Beige Christmas Special, Venuu, George Street, December 23, 8pm.

A SMALL corner of George Street will once again be transformed into a glamorous cabaret club as Lenny Beige - performer extraordinaire - returns for his festive knees-up.

Beige - the brainchild of Steve Furst - is something of a cult act on the circuit after, apparently, starting out life on the stage more than 30 years ago when he was given a big break by Shirley Bassey in the salubrious surroundings of Frinton Wintergardens.

A regular performer in London’s West End at the Regency Rooms, Beige has won over an army of well heeled fans, like a plastic haired, loud suit wearing pied piper.

A darling of the Edinburgh Festival and a regular visitor to 1066 Country, Beige’s Christmas show is a mash-up of songs, jokes, guitar strumming and hyper-confident word-smithery.

A better festive shindig you are unlikely to find.