Dramatic footage of Rock-a-Nore cliff collapse

Photo by Dan Crouch.
Photo by Dan Crouch.

THIS is the dramatic moment hundreds of tonnes of earth and rock crashed to the ground at Rock-a-Nore.

The torrential rain of recent weeks had saturated the ground to breaking point.

No one was hurt during last Friday’s cliff fall but experts are warning that it could happen again at any time.

Observer reader Dan Crouch captured this photograph.

Dan, of Gordon Road, said: “I was with my friend Matt Lincoln in the area and behind us we saw a huge slab of cliff fall. It was as large as a house.

“We ran over there panicking because we feared others may have been hurt. But luckily no one was there. We were by the yacht club heading away from Rock-a-Nore when the cliff collapsed.”

Stunned onlookers managed to film this footage.
To see the footage visit: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rock-a-nore+cliff+fall&sm=3

A full report with more dramatic pictures will feature in this Friday’s Observer.