Donations needed for new project

A young knitter knitting with video tape
A young knitter knitting with video tape

SCORES of seasoned and budding knitters have signed up to take part in an upcoming project this summer.

Following the launch of the Follow The Herring project this month more than 200 expressed interest.

Organisers are now putting out a very loud call for donated materials in order to help make a life-sized knitted fish and chip shop which will be created by the community and will be on display for all at the end of July.

Materials can include yarn of any kind and colour, knitting needles of any size, beach finds such as pebbles with holes and old rope, but also unexpected items such as bed sheets (to be torn up and knitted on broom handles) and video tape.

Old Hastings Preservation Society in the Old Town has offered to act as a collection point and all bags should be marked clearly with ‘Follow The Herring’.

If anyone is in any doubt as to whether items are suitable to be recycled and used as part of this project contact Janey Moffatt on 07535 279444.

Follow The Herring is a nationwide project that will journey down the east coast of the UK and come to rest in Hastings at the end of July. Focusing on a shared maritime heritage, the tour combines performance, song and visual arts and offers opportunities for people to get involved.

The exhibition part of the project centres around a boat with a ‘knitted coat’. Local knitters and eager-to-learn knitters will be able to take part in eight open sessions to help create further knitted items to add to the exhibition including a knitted fish and chip booth and yarn bombing around The Stade area. Sessions will introduce new techniques such as finger knitting, extreme knitting, and knitting with materials such as plastic or rope.