‘Don’t pay for parrot pictures’ urges council

A macaw, similar to the one seen in the town centre
A macaw, similar to the one seen in the town centre

ANYONE planning on paying to have a picture taken with a parrot is being told not to by Hastings Borough Council.

A man was spotted in the town centre last weekend appearing to offer a shot with his blue macaw in return for cash.

He and the bird were creating quite a stir on the seafront - not least with flocks of distressed seagulls - and large crowds were gathering to take turns to snap the parrot up at close quarters.

Police have been unable to confirm whether or not the bird man was charging for photographs, but have asked locals and tourists alike not to take him up on his offer if he is.

Hastings Borough Council (HBC) said that anyone offering photographs with an exotic animal in exchange for cash would require a licence from the local authority.

And a spokesman from HBC said the council had not received any applications for such a licence, nor would it consider granting one in these circumstances.

A concerned Kevin Boorman told the Observer: “There are no rules against people carrying their pet around but if someone is charging for photographs then they should be reported to the police.

“We would not approve paperwork for someone wanting money in exchange for photgraphs with an animal like a parrot.

“It is not much different to begging.”