Dog owner’s £50 fine is now £1200

Court news.
Court news.
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A Hastings resident who was given a £50 fine after his dog was almost in collision with a vehicle as it was loose on the road, is now £1200 out of pocket for giving false information to the street warden who collared him.

Christopher Mountford, 34, of Hughendon Road and Godwin Road, gave false information to the Hastings Borough Council (HBC) warden who had been driving the vehicle and had to brake suddenly as the dog was loose on the road. A ‘fixed penalty notice’ would have been issued as the dog wasn’t on a lead but Mr Mountford gave false personal details.

Police discovered Mountford’s true address. He was fined £400 for the original offence, £400 for giving false details, costs of £325 and a victim surcharge of £80, totalling £1205. A HBC spokesman said: “If the dog had been kept under proper control none of this would have been necessary.”