DJ in a spin over BBC radio exposure

12/6/12- DJ Melinki at 'U Wot Blud' studios, Hastings
12/6/12- DJ Melinki at 'U Wot Blud' studios, Hastings

AN UP-AND-COMING DJ is in a spin after being given a chance to have one of his tracks played on a top BBC radio show on Saturday(SAT).

DJ Melinki will have his track Wish You Were A Better Man played on the BBC Introducing show.

The show is broadcast across the South of England between 7pm and 9pm. It can be heard on BBC Sussex & Surrey between 104-104.8 FM.

The 25-year-old is hoping the move will lead to a big break in the industry as he tries to establish himself in the world of urban music.

DJ Melinki, whose real name in Sonny Symes, has just opened up his own recording studio in Pelham Place on the seafront called U Wot Blud.

Sonny has come a long way since winning his first DJ competition, the Valve national, in 2009.

He went on to complete an HnD in Music Technology at Eastbourne Sussex Downs College and successfully applied for a Princes Trust grant to set up his own business.

Sonny is now working with young people in the community to help give them confidence and make them more contstructive.

He has been working with youth groups like Xtrax in Hastings and DV8 in Bexhill.

“I amd very grateful to the Princes Trust,” said Sonny. “It has given me a major boost in my chosen career path. I was given a mentor who helped me with my buisiness plan and the way forward.

“I have built my business up from nothing and I want to inspire the next generation of talent.

“Now I am working with groups of young people in the studio using my vocal booth and technical know-how.

“I can teach them how to rap or create music and record their own sounds.

“Now I am being played on Radio One it’s exposure to a mass audience and hopefully it will lead to even more opportunities in the industry.”