Disabled pensioner stuck in bed for eight months

Michael Catt
Michael Catt

A DISABLED pensioner claims he was left bedridden for eight months while he waited for a new wheelchair.

Michael Catt, 66, says he was stuck in his bed from October until the end of April because he was “forgotten about.”

He only managed to get out of his bed at Marlborough House in Warrior Square Gardens after he had his new wheelchair delivered.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust apologised for the delay saying it was down to issues including suitability of accommodation and specific wheelchair requirements.

Michael’s woes began in 1983 when he had a brain heamorrhage while lieing in bed.

In 1998 he had to have both legs amputated below the knee after he suffered from poor circulation which to gangrene.

In 2003 he moved into Marlborough House where he was moved to the fourth floor.

He was given a specially adapted motorised and controlled wheelchair.

But last October he had an accident and wrote it off. Since then he has been waiting to get a new one.

Mr Catt, who last worked more than 10 years ago, said: “I got to the stage where I accepted the way I was. I think they just forgot about me.

“But I can’t think of any reason why I had to wait so long for a suitable wheelchair.

“I don’t think I got the right help. I don’t think we will ever know the real reasons why.

“I did apologise for crashing my electric wheelchair but should not have had to wait so long for a replacement.

“I just stared at wildlife from my bed for hours and hours, I developed terrible bed sores.”

Michael claims he was sent a 40 stone wheelchair but had to send it back as it was too big manouevre in the flat and lift.

And he says he is unaware of any discussions with the county council to find him a new flat

County council spokesperson Marie De Vere said: “We always ensure that we discuss a person’s specific needs with them and their carers, so that any concerns are resolved as quickly as possible.

Cases are often complex and an individual’s health and circumstance can change over a period of time. It’s important that we find accommodation that is right for the individual both in terms of their nursing needs and their preferred location. This sometimes means waiting until a suitable place becomes available.

We do not discuss the details of individual cases but we are working with Mr and Mrs Catts to ensure the most satisfactory outcome for both of them.”

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust spokesman Tom Gurney said: “We try to supply wheelchairs to people as quickly as possible and we regret the delay experienced by Mr Catt.

“This delay was due to a number of issues, including the suitability of his accommodation and his specific wheelchair requirements.

“Mr Catt has now been supplied with a suitable wheelchair. We are sorry Mrs Catt is unhappy with the care the patient has received and if she would like to contact us directly then we would be happy to discuss her concerns.”