Dexter the baby shark outgrows his nursery


AQUARISTS at Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium are set to move a baby Japanese leopard shark from the nursery to one of their larger tropical display tanks.

The shark, nicknamed ‘Dexter’ by staff, arrived in Hastings last October measuring just 24cm and has almost doubled in size.

The young shark has been kept in his own display, allowing aquarium staff to monitor his feeding and growth.

Blue Reef’s Robert Gasson said: “It’s a big day for Dexter. His new home is significantly larger and will offer him plenty of new areas to explore.

“It’s also home to a wide range of other tropical fish, including puffer fish, clownfish and more than 20 other different species of tropical fish.

“Despite their reputation, leopard sharks are actually very timid and it will be fascinating to see how he interacts with the other residents of the tank.

“Dexter’s new display is also home to a pair of cleaner wrasse, who fearlessly venture inside the mouths and gills of other fish and sharks, and it is highly likely they will make a beeline for their new tankmate and help to keep his impressive teeth in good condition.”

He has been feeding well in his nursery display and we plan to continue the same feeding regime in his new home.”

When young Dexter reaches 60-70cm, will be moved into the aquarium’s 160,000 litre tropical reef display.