Depressed midwife who had 'great fear of being alone' hanged herself, inquest hears

A midwife hanged herself at home after suffering from depression, an inquest heard this week.

Jennifer Daley, 64, of Churchill Court, Stonehouse Drive, St Leonards, was found by police following calls from worried neighbours.

An inquest on Wednesday heard that Miss Daley was deeply religious and had a 'great fear of being alone'.

The hearing at Hastings Magistrates Court was also told that the midwife, who worked at the Conquest Hospital, made several suicide attempts in the months before her death last November by overdosing on paracetamol and anti-depressants.

Her GP, Dr Mark Freeman, said: "Miss Daley was a much respected and valued member of the community.

"She had an episode of depression in 1998 related to noise pollution in the flats where she lived.

"She also developed back pain in July last year.

"Miss Daley had suicidal thoughts in September and took an overdose of paracetamol and anti-depressants. She said her actions were a cry for help.

"She was very reliant on her role as a carer at the Conquest as it boosted her self-esteem."

Dr Aileen Rhodes, specialist registrar for occupational health at the Conquest, said: "Miss Daley expressed a great fear of being alone.

"She was resorting to staying with friends and said she had a vision of her dead parents at home."

Dr Rhodes added Miss Daley also started having paranoid thoughts.

She told the inquest: "In my opinion this lady was severely depressed."

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of suicide.