Dead man’s flat raid - family offers reward

Sarah and Simon Snashall in their late father's flat, which was burgled only days after he died.
Sarah and Simon Snashall in their late father's flat, which was burgled only days after he died.

Sarah Snashall and her brother Simon are stunned and shocked that anyone would rob the home of their beloved father Kenneth, who died aged 77 at St Michael’s Hospice on January 28 after a brave battle with pancreatic cancer.

Kenneth had only just moved into St Michael’s and his family had begun sorting out his personal belongings at his home at Egrement Place, Hastings.

Sarah discovered her father’s flat had been robbed on February 2 and says she wants those responsible to answer for the crime. She said: “I am furious and want to do the best I can to try and find the perpetrators and get them brought to justice, and perhaps recover some of the personal items for his grandchildren.

“I’m not sure if I can convey just how much my Dad meant to me and how hurt I am for him and my family that his property was violated in this way. It’s a disgraceful, despicable thing to do.”

Items stolen from the flat included rings, watches, a mini hi-fi system, a 32” flat screen TV, a suitcase, bottles of whiskey, tins of biscuits and chocolates, and food from the freezer.

Sarah added: “Dad was a very, very kind man, and particularly with regard to the food that was stolen from his flat; if he had known that anyone was in need he would have done anything to help them and would probably have given them food.

“We are offering a reward for information leading to a conviction, and the family are keen to work with police to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Simon Snashall said he is absolutely devastated by the loss of his father, adding: “For someone to burgle his flat after he has died is the lowest of the low. This is akin to grave robbing. I personally want to see the book thrown at them if they are caught.

“My father knew he was dying, knew he didn’t have much time left and was an extremely generous man. To to have his flat raided in such a way is absolutely disgusting. I just want to see the culprits punished.”

Detective constable Witham said the burglary took place between 2.30pm on February 1 and 12.30pm the next day; the intruder gained entry by forcing open a window, adding: “The burglary is particularly upsetting for the family, who were already grieving after their loved one. We urgently need to speak to anyone who was in the area who saw or heard someone acting suspiciously.” Anyone with information call 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111.