Daughter to do firewalk to support mum with cancer

Pauline Cox (centre) with daughter Carly and granddaughter Madison SUS-150704-121035001
Pauline Cox (centre) with daughter Carly and granddaughter Madison SUS-150704-121035001

The daughter of a woman diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer is set to walk over hot coals to raise funds for a local charity which will help improve her mum’s life and wellbeing as she battles the disease.

Carly Dawson’s mum Pauline Cox, has bravely fought cancer for just over a year. A lump discovered under her arm in January 2014 was treated and she was given the all clear, however, Carly said unfortunately, a short time later, cancer returned. She said: “Two months after mum was given the all clear she became unwell again. She has a rare form of skin cancer called Merkel Cell Carcinoma. She is on a drugs trail and responding well to treatment.”

Pauline, 55, has lived all her life in Hastings and worked in the area as a carer for over thirty years, but Carly says her mum has had to reluctantly give up the job she loves.

She said: “Mum is a very positive, caring person and is very sad that she has to stop work as she worries that she’s letting her clients down but she’s had to give up work as she’s so low on energy.”

Carly says her mum is looking forward to enjoying treatments available to her from local charity The Sara Lee Trust (SLT).

The Trust provides complimentary therapies, counselling and creative therapies to people in Hastings and Rother living through cancer and other life-threatening illnesses free of charge. She said: “Me and mum are both quite spiritual and hopefully she will soon be able to have some treatments from the SLT. She’s looking forward to having a boost.”

Carly, along with nine work colleagues from Sellens French Accountancy, are keen to support the SLT and signed up to walk over burning coals on Saturday. Carly says she wants to raise funds for the Trust to help other people in a similar situation. She said: “I’m taking the opportunity to use walking across the hot coals as a release of all my worry and stress my family and I have been under the last year, it’s a personal thing for me.”

She added: “I plan to walk very quickly over the hot coals and hope it’s not going to hurt too much!”

Debbie Hargreaves, a partner of Sellens French and Trustee of The Sara Lee Trust, said the firm were keen to put a team together for the Firewalk to help raise funds for the Trust and because it would be a fun and challenging event. The team hope to raise around £100 each.

Maria Gonet, Fundraising Manager for The Sara Lee Trust said it’s not too late to sign up for the Firewalk. If you, your friends or your company are interested in a place, or in putting a team together, visit the website at: www.saraleetrust.org or call Maria on 01424 456 608.