Danger as drivers avoid road block

Skye Baldock
Skye Baldock

AN ANGRY mother-of-two claims children’s live could have been put at risk by drivers ignoring a road closure and driving down a pavement.

Due to serious drainage problems Frederick Road was closed between Deepdene Gardens and Valley Side Road, from March 25 to April 4, and a diversion was in place.

Resident Skye Baldock, 41, said that during this time, outside of the hours of work, motorists determined to get past had been ignoring the road block.

She said: “Cars have been using the pavement to get past it, and people have been removing the barriers.

“My main concern is that particularly during the Easter holidays, kids are out playing, and on their scooters.”

She added that she did not let her two sons out on to the streets as they both have autism, but said: “I’m worried about other people’s children getting knocked down or killed.

“It’s the principle as well. People think they can get away with it. If they are doing it here, they might do it elsewhere.”

Inspector Gareth Evans, of Hastings Neighbourhood Policing Team, said that driving on the pavement was illegal and urged people to make a note of registration numbers and report any incidents .