Dance centre celebrates 40 good years

Laton Ash Dance Centre celebrates 40th anniversary
Laton Ash Dance Centre celebrates 40th anniversary

A SUCCESSFUL dance centre is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The Laton Ash Dance Centre in Laton Road, which is owned and run by principal Pauline Ash, has been going strong and steadily growing for four decades.

Opening 1974 with just one small studio and 35 students, the school has grown to include two studios and 130 pupils, and at one time it had 250 students.

Providing weekly classes in ballet, tap and modern, the centre caters for all age groups.

The centre’s youngest pupils are two-and-a-half years old but it also has older students, aged 17 and 18, who are studying for vocational exams.

Pauline said: “The aim of the teachers at Laton Ash has always been to foster a love of dance and movement in all pupils whatever their ability or aspirations. Many students have taken up professional careers both as performers and teachers.

“However, it is equally rewarding to be teaching second and third generation children whose parents sent them to the centre because of the enjoyment they themselves gained from dancing, and who will continue to support the arts throughout their lives.”

“The kids that have come through the centre have done some excellent work. At least three former pupils now have their own schools.”

The celebrations began last year with a spectacular show at the White Rock Theatre and the festivities will continue with a Summer garden party on Sunday, July 6.

All pupils, past and present, are invited, along with family and friends. The party will include a bouncy castle and there will be appearances by Peppa Pig and George from 1066 mascots. For more information please contact the dance centre on 01424 434774.