Cyclist punches driver in road rage attack

AN angry cyclist punched a driver in the face in a road rage attack.

The 58-year-old motorist was driving his black people carrier along Queens Road in the town centre before turning into Albert Road by the Odeon cinema last Tuesday (May 3) at around 10.50am.

He was in a line of slow moving traffic when the cyclist, who rode a blue racing style bike, appeared weaving in and out of the traffic.

Police said he pulled without warning into the gap between the driver and the car in front, causing the victim to brake suddenly.

The man’s wife, daughter and son-in-law were in the car with him and they were all alarmed by the sudden braking.

The driver asked the cyclist what he thought he was doing.

He then came up to the open car window and, without saying anything, punched the driver in the face, leaving him with a cut and swelling to his lips.

His assailant was about 6ft tall, in his mid-30s and had long, sandy brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

He had stubble on his face and was wearing black jeans and a green/yellow coloured top.

PC Debbie Heneke is appealing for witnesses and can be contacted on 0845 60 70 999.