Crumbling magistrates’ court steps finally replaced after more than six months

The steps at Hastings Magistrates' Court
The steps at Hastings Magistrates' Court

WORK to repair Hastings Law Courts’ crumbling front entrance has finally been completed.

Years of wear and weathering had caused the mortar in the steps leading up to the courts to crack and fall away.

Remedial repair work had been carried over the years to try to fix the problem but after heavy rain the cracks would reappear.

Earlier this year the Court Service applied to the borough council planning committee to carry out structural changes at the site.

The work was scheduled to be completed by the end of February. There is now a new retaining perimeter wall with handrail and new flagging and brickwork on the front of the complex.

New stepping has been created making it safer for users and unsightly steel fencing which surrounded the court entrance has finally been removed after more than six months.

The only outstanding repairs are to the sign above the main entrance which is still missing the letter ‘n’ from Hastings.

Magistrate and local councillor Godfrey Daniel said: “The entrance looks more professional now.

“The fencing had been there too long and it was about time it was removed.”