Youth loses licence after horror crash

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A TEENAGER has been stripped of his driving licence after he was involved in a terrifying high speed smash just four months after passing his test.

Liam Castle, 18, of Battle Gates, Battle was lucky to escape without injury after his Fiat Punto was written off during the collision.

Hastings Magistrates Court heard how the teenager was driving too fast around a bend in Wrestwood Road, Bexhill while taking his friends to McDonalds.

Castle was forced to swerve to avoid a turning car and went head on into a vehicle on the opposite side of the road.

In court he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without due care and attention on September 26.

Jeremy King, prosecuting, said: “Police were called to a three vehicle accident around 3pm on Wrestwood Road.

“The Fiat Punto had four people inside. A Mini Cooper was waiting to turn into Chantry Avenue.

“The Fiat went around the bend and the driver had to brake hard forcing the car to skid. Castle lost control and crashed into an on-coming Toyota Corolla clipping the Mini as it went by.

“Police and independent witnesses agreed the Punto was travelling too fast and faster than the 30mph speed limit.

“The driver of the Toyota sustained whiplash and a seatbelt injury. She said it was the worst piece of driving she had seen in 20 years.

“She said the driver was very lucky to be alive and she felt fortunate to be alive.

“A passenger in the Punto, Jamie Reynolds said he did not feel Castle was driving appropriately for the conditions. He said: ‘I was very frightened by Liam’s driving. He was showing off and driving way too fast.

“In police interview he said he panicked and did not have enough time to react.”

Kim Goodall, defending, said; “My client accepts he was driving too fast. He came around a corner and did not expect to find this car there.

“He has shown remorse. He is a new driver of only four months and the car was his pride and joy.

“He wants to take up an apprenticeship but needs a driving licence for the job.

“He made a mistake and was taking his friends to McDonalds. He accepts he was exceeding the speed limit.”

Magistrates revoked Castle’s licence and ordered him to take an extended test.

He was also fined £100, ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.