Wedding video row sister is sentenced

A NEWLYWED who attacked her sister after a furious row over the wedding video was sentenced this week.

At a trial last month, Hayley Duncan, 26, of Cornfield Terrace, St Leonards, was found guilty of assaulting her sister Joanne Young at the latter’s home in the summer. She appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court for sentence on Tuesday.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said that after Duncan entered into a civil partnership with her girlfriend Emma there was some friction in the family.

Joanne Young had filmed the couple’s special day but then refused to hand the video over.

They went round and Hayley Duncan forced her way into her sister’s home, grabbed her round the throat and pushed her backwards causing her to hit her back.

Later she kicked her sister on the legs, Mr Kateley said.

In a probation report read to the court, it was claimed that Miss Young became jealous of her sister’s relationship because Emma Duncan had previously been her friend.

Kim Goodall, defending, said: “Her sister had told her she was going to destroy the wedding video.

“She is aware that what she did was wrong and puts it down to a very complex relationship with her sister. There was clearly disapproval of the defendant’s relationship in the family,” he added.

Duncan was sentenced to a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 costs.

Chairman of the bench John Berryman said: “The court is satisfied this was a one-off and it is result of an inflamed situation.”

Emma Duncan stood trial with her partner last month and was cleared of all charges, but also given a restraining order to keep away from Joanne Young.