Vandalism ‘potentially putting lives at risk’ at Hastings Country Park

Vandalism at Hastings Country Park. SUS-190122-113547001
Vandalism at Hastings Country Park. SUS-190122-113547001

A recent spate of vandalism at Hastings Country Park is potentially putting lives at risk, according to a local councillor.

Emergency signs on wooden bollards around the park have been deliberately removed and signs vandalised, a Hastings Borough Council spokesman said.

Vandalism at Hastings Country Park SUS-190122-113536001

Vandalism at Hastings Country Park SUS-190122-113536001

The signs, located throughout the park, are designed to help people contact the emergency services if they have an accident. Each bollard has a unique number which allows the emergency services to locate the emergency quickly and efficiently, potentially savings lives. The rangers are finding the vandalised signs when they patrol the park.

Councillor Colin Fitzgerald, Lead Member for Environment and Equalities and chairman of the Hastings Country Park Management Forum, said: “This is mindless vandalism which could potentially put someone’s life at risk.

“There have been a number of incidents over the years where people have either been lost, been taken ill or fallen and broken bones.

“Our numbered bollard system has meant the emergency services have always been able to locate people quickly.

“I cannot believe someone would be so stupid as to deliberately jeopardise peoples’ safety by deliberately removing these signs. It will cost at least £1,000 to replace them.

“This is criminal damage and has been reported to the police. I am asking all members of the public who use Hastings Country Park to be vigilant. If you see someone vandalising our signs please report it to the police.”

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