Underage booze haul

PCSO Chris Woodcock and PCSO Clive Goddard with the seized alcohol
PCSO Chris Woodcock and PCSO Clive Goddard with the seized alcohol

DOZENS of bottles of alcohol have been seized by police from underage drinkers in town in a crackdown.

Under Operation Blitzed, officers confiscated more than 80 bottles and cans recently.

The operation is designed to clamp down on anti-social behaviour by youths under 16 at the weekends.

Police are now calling for parents to keep a closer eye on their children and make sure they know where they are in the evenings when out.

The haul included cans and bottles of cider, including 2lt bottles, bottles of vodka and whisky.

Sergeant Dave Townsend, of Hastings Police, said: “All these cans and bottles have been taken from teenagers and youngsters on evenings at weekends in the last two weeks.

“We then called or visited parents and asked them if they knew where their children were at that time of the night and if they knew that they were drinking?”

Police are now making enquiries into where the alcohol is being sold to the teenagers, and will be following up any information about this over the coming weeks.

The alcohol, which included some expensive bottles of pear cider, will all be destroyed, while officers decide on whether further action should be taken in each case.

Sgt Townsend said: “Often the parents of the teenagers are unaware of what they are doing, and one of our aims is to raise parents’ awareness.”