Thieves target lead roofs in late-night raid

Pete Sayers outside his damaged garage in Inglewood Gardens
Pete Sayers outside his damaged garage in Inglewood Gardens

NIGHTTIME raiders caved in a roof and knocked over a wall as they stripped lead from a row of garages.

The thieves struck at around 2am on Monday (July 18), when they climbed on top of the garages in Inglewood Gardens.

However, the raid was disturbed after the gang’s swearing woke Eileen Sayers, who lives in the close.

Mrs Sayers scared the thieves away with a stream of shouting while husband Pete called the police.

“We were apprehensive,” said Pete, 79. “You don’t often wake to find a pack of men on your garage roof.

“We went to investigate and I saw shadowy figures stripping the lead. There’s a lot of lead taken, it must run into hundreds of pounds.”

The roof of Pete’s garage caved in when the thieves rolled lead from the adjacent garage over a short drop onto the roof. The rear wall is also crumbling. Several other garages in the row are damaged, and all have had lead removed.

It is the second time these garages have been targeted. In July last year, police warned Inglewood residents to be on their guard after scrap-metal thieves targeted garages in and around this street.

PC Duncan Cleverley, of Hastings Police, noted a recent rise in scrap metal thefts.

“This is due to the high price of scrap metals at the moment,” he said.

“We would like to speak to anyone who has information about thefts of metals, and we can be contacted on 0845 6070999.”