Teenager jailed after lashing out at police

A TEENAGER who brandished a broken bannister rail in the street as police tried to detain her has been jailed.

Bonnie Julian, 19, of Russell Street, saw red as officers tried to question her partner and mother on the night of Friday, February 18, while they were out in town.

At a court hearing on Monday, Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said Julian swore at police and called them names.

He said: “The defendant was seen brandishing a broken bannister and used it to smash the window of a derelict shop before climbing in to avoid arrest. Around £100 worth of damage was caused.

She had run outside in defence of her mother before making various physical gestures and waving the length of wood over her head.”

Hastings magistrates heard that Julian assaulted several police officers in Robertson Street on January 15.

Mr Kateley said: “She was having an altercation with her partner and there was a struggle between the two. Police intervened and she ended up spitting at one officer, before donkey kicking another in the shin. She also kicked another officer in the knee and had to be brought to the ground.

“The defendant then tried to bite one of the officers. In interview she said she was drunk and that she thought it was none of the police’s business to intervene in her and her partner’s argument.”

Julian pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage and behaving in a threatening manner.

At Monday’s hearing she also admitted three charges of assaulting police officers after initially denying them.

Aiden Harvey, defending, said: “When she is sober she is not a problem to anyone.

“It is usually a question of going out on Friday or Saturday night and drinking to excess.

“She had little recollection of what happened and apologised at the end of the interview, expressing remorse.”

Magistrates jailed Julian for 18 weeks.