Stab victim slams attacker’s ‘lenient’ prison sentence

Jason Holewell
Jason Holewell

A RUGBY player who was stabbed in an unprovoked attack in Hastings has criticised his attacker’s sentence for being “way too lenient”.

Jason Holewell, manager of the Silverhill Tavern in Sedlescombe Road North, St Leonards, said he thought he was going to die following the horrific attack on December 12 last year.

Myles Evans

Myles Evans

His attacker, 38-year-old Myles Evans, of Elphinstone Road, was jailed for five years on Friday after admitting malicious wounding and possession of a knife.

The 22-year-old rugby player was left with his intestines hanging out and underwent a five-hour operation at the Conquest Hospital.

Evans, who owns The Outdoorsman in Bohemia Road, stabbed Mr Holewell with a three-inch pocket knife as he tried to break up an argument in Havelock Road.

It took three months for Mr Holewell, who plays for Hastings and Bexhill RFC, to recover.

He said: “Surgeons had to put 13 staples in the stab wound to sew it up and a further 24 were needed to put my gut back in.

“After the operation I couldn’t eat properly for more than a week. and had bad stomach cramps.

“I was unable to work for three months and have only just started getting back on my feet.

“My mum and dad were told I might not survive after I was attacked so it was not a very nice ordeal for my family to go through as well.

“I have also not been able to play rugby since and lost confidence in going out in the evenings. But I have got it back.

“His (Evans’s) sentence was way too lenient. It seems strange that a man who goes out and stabs someone can potentially serve less time in prison than someone who robs a car.”

Detective Inspector Emma Heater, of Hastings CID, said: “The offender in this case pleaded guilty to the offence and received a custodial sentence of five years which was entirely appropriate in the circumstances.”